Frequently asked outreach questions.

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  • Why the monthly commitment?

    Our outreach service works best long-term. As with any sales effort, consistency over time is they key to success.

    We email 12-50 fresh prospects each and every day on behalf of your business. Then we follow-up with each prospect multiple times over the course of two to three months. This means that the outreach campaign hasn't reached its peak until atleast the second month. Also, quality mail servers take time to be warmed up, and we definetly want your emails to end up in the prospect's inbox.

    In summary, to ensure our clients get the results they deserve, the initial three months require a monthly commitment. Once those three months are up, our clients are free to cancel at any time.

  • Do you email each prospect more than once?

    Of course! This is commonly referred to as a "drip" campaign.

    Follow-ups are included in each and every campaign we run for our clients.

  • Won't you blacklist my
    mail server?

    Of course not! Infact, we won't even touch it.

    While preparing for each campaign we'll purchase "dummy" domains similar to your company's. Each "dummy" domain is forwarded to your real domain; however, it gets its own mail server, which is one of the reasons why our inbox rates are so good.

  • Do you guarantee results?

    We put alot of time and effort into each campaign.

    That being said, we can't guarantee results. We have no control over the amount of leads a campaign generates; however, we do our best to ensure great results. Make sure your sales team is also following up via phone to ensure amazing results.

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