Supercharge your B2B outreach efforts.

Our consistent, highly-personalized approach will connect your sales team
with more prospects than ever before.


We’ll start off by hand building a well-researched list of your ideal prospects.

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"Well-researched list of your ideal prospects” might be an understatement..

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Each prospect receives a highly-personalized and strategically planned series of cold emails.

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What is highly-personalized sales outreach?

Tap the play button for an inside look at a successful campaign we ran for one of our clients. The video gives a quick overview of our services and will help you understand its full capabilities.

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    Elijah is a superb email outreach specialist. His email outreach campaigns are thoughtful and have generated high-quality leads for our agency.”

    Chris Dreyer
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    “We consistently had lead inquiries by email and phone with every mailing... His strategic and thoughtful approach worked some lead-generation magic. We're excited for the next phase!”

    Ellen Sluder
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    Elijah and OutBounded did a great job with my outbound email marketing campaign. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the industry and best practices”

    Tanner James
    Mega Shark Marketing

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